A Little About me

I am a lecturer of international studies at the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), the University of Leeds, and will start a new position at the University of Groningen in November 2019. My interest lies in exploring and researching the processes and mechanisms underlying social conflicts and cooperation. In particular, I study the microfoundations of social diversity and conflicts and how different groups of people can co-exist within a society in an era of globalization. I have received several awards and grants for my research. You can learn more about my research on this website (projects and publications) and my CV.

Contact Info:

  • Name in Japanese kanji: 田中 世紀
  • e: seikitanaka “at-mark” gmail.com or S.Tanaka “at-mark” rug.nl (replace “at-mark”)
  • p: +31.(0)625.643.674
  • o: 14.25 Social Sciences Building, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

Academic support hours:

  • Wednesdays 14:00-16:00, or by appointment