My Research

Selected Work in Progress

"Hidden Sources of Anti-immigration Attitudes: Joint Effects of Interactions and Exposure to Immigrants." [Paper]

"The Divergence of Corporate and Mass Preferences over Immigration." With Rieko Kage and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]

"Do Gendered Expectations Help or Hinder the Evaluations of Women Politicians?" With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]

"How Gender Shapes Attitudes and Concerns about Immigration." With Yoshiharu Kobayashi. [Paper]

"Sexual Harassment in Japan: Willingness to Pay for Best Practices." [Paper]

"Hidden (emotional) sources of militarized conflicts: Public backlashes against coercive diplomacy." With Graeme Davies. [Paper]

"Chinese Propaganda Persuades a Global Audience That the “China Model” is Superior: Evidence From A 19-Country Experiment." With Daniel Mattingly, Trevor Incerti, Changwook Ju, Colin Moreshead, and Hikaru Yamagishi [Paper]

"The Logic of Soft Power Competition: Evidence from East Asia." Daniel Mattingly, Trevor Incerti, Changwook Ju, Colin Moreshead, and Hikaru Yamagishi [Paper]

"Measuring the unmeasurable: The politics of guesstimates." With Lukas Linsi, Francesco Giumelli, and Leonard Seabrooke. [Paper]

Journal Publications


"The Fiscal Politics of Immigration:  Expert Information and Concerns over Fiscal Drain." (forthcoming). Political Communication. With Rieko Kage and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]

"The Role of Public Broadcasting in Media Bias: Do People React Differently to Pro-government Bias in Public and Private Media?" (forthcoming). Political Behavior. With Taka-aki Asano and Atsushi Tago. [Paper] [Supplementary document] [Blog post]

"Why Costly Rivalry Disputes Persist: A Paired Conjoint Experiment in Japan and South Korea." (forthcoming). International Studies Quarterly. With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]

"Voter Responses to Female Candidates' Voice Pitch:  Experimental Evidence from Japan." (forthcoming). Japanese Journal of Political Science. With Claire Bowern, Rieko Kage and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]


"Distributional Concerns and Public Opinion: EV Subsidies in the U.S. and Japan." (2022). Energy Policy. 164: 112883. With Sijeong Lim, Nives Dolsak, and Aseem Prakash. [Paper] [Opinion article at The Regulatory Review]

"Varieties of Public Attitudes towards Immigration." (2022). Political Research Quarterly. 75(1): 216-230. With Rieko Kage and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]

"Multifaceted Effects of Globalization on Welfare Attitudes: When Winners and Losers Join Forces." (2022). British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 24(1): 31-51. With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]

"The Paradoxical Effect of Welfare Knowledge: Unveiling Income Cleavage over Welfare Politics in South Korea" (2022). International Political Science Review. 43(1): 67-84. With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]


"Hawkish Partisans: How Political Parties Shape Nationalist Conflicts in China and Japan." (2021). British Journal of Political Science. 51(4): 1494-1515. With Trevor Incerti, Dan Mattingly, Frances Rosenbluth, and Jiahua Yue. [Paper]


"The Impact of Municipal Mergers on Local Public Spending: Evidence from Remote-Sensing Data."  (2020). Journal of East Asian Studies. 20(2): 243-266. With Steve Pickering and Kyohei Yamada. [Paper] (featured in Editor's pick).

"Sexual Harassment of Women Leadership." (2020). Dædalus. 149(1): 180-197. With Olle Folke, Johanna Rickne, and Yasuka Tateishi. [Paper] (Featured in several media outlets such as Forbes, Der Spiegel, and AD).

"Promoting Social Acceptance of Energy Transition: Beyond Western Societies." (2020). Socio-economic Review.  18(1). With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]


"Comparative Taxation and Democratization: State Revenue Production and Democratization Revisited." (2019). European Journal of Political Research. 58(1): 184-208. With Junko Kato. [Paper]

"Labor Markets and Cultural Values: Evidence from Japanese and American Views about Caregiving Immigrants." (2019). Economics & Politics. 31(3): 428-464. With Margaret E. Peters, Rieko Kage, and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]

"Work Disincentive Perception and Welfare State Attitudes: Survey Experiment in South Korea." (2019). Governance. 32(3): 457-473. With Sijeong Lim. [Paper]

"What Explains Low Female Political Representation? Evidence from Survey Experiments in Japan." (2019). Politics & Gender. 15(2): 285-309. With Rieko Kage and Frances Rosenbluth. [Paper]

"Spurred by Threats or Afraid of War? A Survey Experiment on Costs of Conflict in Support for Military Action." (2019). Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy. 25(2): 1-13. With Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Atsushi Tago. [Paper]

2018 or earlier

"Human Development without Democratic Accountability: How Regressive Taxation Contributes to Human Development through State Capacity." (2018). Japanese Journal of Political Science. 19(3): 429-443. With Junko Kato. [Paper]

"Aging Gracefully? Why Old Autocrats Hold Competitive Elections." (2018). Asian Journal of Comparative Politics. 3(1): 81-102. [Paper]

"Constraining the Samurai: Rebellion and Taxation in Early Modern Japan." (2017). International Studies Quarterly. 61(3): 746-747. With Abbey Steele and Christopher Paik. [Paper]

"Seeing the Lexus for the Olive Trees? Public Opinion, Economic Interdependence, and Interstate Conflict." (2017). International Interactions. 43(3): 375-396. With Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Atsushi Tago. [Paper]

"The Microfoundations of Territorial Disputes: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Japan." (2016). Conflict Management and Peace Science. 33(5): 516-538. [Paper]

"Retirement Planning for Dictators: What Happens to Outgoing Dictators?" (2016). International Relations of the Asia-Pacific. 16(1): 1-25. [Paper]

"Establishing Good Governance in Fragile States Through Reconstruction Projects: Lessons from Iraq." (2013). Brookings Global Working Paper. 56: 1-23. With Masanori Yoshikawa. [Paper]