My Projects

Immigration and integration

Social diversity across and within societies is strongly associated with discriminatory attitudes and behavior between groups, poor governance, low social capital, low public good provision, low redistribution, and civil wars, but these negative outcomes are not observed everywhere. Why are the negative effects of diversity more pronounced in some places than in others? By using field and survey experiments, I study when and where different groups perceive threats from out-groups and have negative attitudes toward them.

Gender inequality

We still have a limited understanding of why female under-representation in business and politics emerges and persists. Acquiring empirical evidence is essential for understanding the mechanisms leading to the outcomes. Currently, I am conducting a comparative study of variation in sexual violence in terms of its exposure and reporting.

Conflict processes

In an effort to gain a better understanding of conflicts processes, I study public opinion about inter-state conflicts. In particular, I am interested in the microfoundations of so-called liberal peace; whether and why do economic ties and incentives mitigate conflictual relationships between states through public opinion? I have conducted surveys in Japan, China, and South Korea to examine potential liberal peace in East Asia where inter-state relations have been strained due to historical and territorial conflicts.